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In the year of our Lord 1902, a small band of Christians withdrew from the Gethsemane Baptist Church, and founded a new church; which they prayerfully named the Saint Peter Missionary Baptist Church. For some months, this group of thirty or more “soldiers of the cross” prayed, sang, and sought God’s guidance as they met in various homes. The pastor who led them was the late Reverend D.D. Green.


The late Reverend J. D. Sims assumed his role as pastor in 1910. He became the second pastor of Saint Peter Missionary Baptist Church. Reverend Sims served the church and the small community of Blantown well until he retired in 1933 after 23 years of service.


The late Reverend Solomon Randolph was ordained to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 1931. He was appointed to assistant pastor that same year by the late Rev. J. D. Sims. This young man grew spiritually and humble in the service to his church and pastor. In 1933 their beloved pastor Rev. Sims after much pray and fasting knew it time to retire and let another stand in John shoes. During the 1950s our beloved Rev. Randolph had a heart for mission and sought to obey the command of Matthew 28:19-20.

On Sunday, October 10, 1976 he gave over his leadership to a young energetic man of God, the Reverend Howard Creecy, Jr. At the retirement for Pastor Randolph in November of 1976 he was bestowed the honor of Pastor Emeritus with the privilege and honor to preach the gospel when ever the spirit moved.

October 10, 1976 – February, 2002

This young man became the fourth pastor of the Saint Peters Missionary Baptist Church. He liken his coming to Saint Peter as a marriage and asked God to bless this union. By prayer and supplication he wanted to provide the best leadership for the church. Under his leadership, Saint Peter relocated to the Venetian Hills Community .Entry day services was a grand occasion held on Sunday, February 6, 1977. After 26 years of being a Shepherd to God’s people he asked the members of Saint Peter to remain after service for a brief meeting, he gave his resignation as Pastor. He stated that he had been accepted at Olivet Baptist Church as Assistant Pastor due to his father’s age and declining health. The third Sunday in March was the celebration and Transition of Pastor Creecy, he preached, baptized thirteen candidates. Dinner followed in the Fellowship Hall. Members from Olivet Baptist Church along with Pastor Creecy’s parents and family joined us for 3:00 p.m. service with special guests giving accolades and gifts of appreciation. This third Sunday of March, 2002 brought close to the pastorate of The Reverend Howard Creecy, Jr. at Saint Peter Missionary Baptist Church.

March 2003

Presently Saint Peter is without a Pastor. The Board of Deacons is functioning in leadership capacity until a Pastor is elected. Under the leadership of the Deacons Board a search committee has worked under the leadership of the Holy Spirit in their search for a “God sent Pastor” a man consumed with that fire that Jeremiah talked about. After months of prayerfully searching for a new leader, the committee found this dynamic and dedicated young man of God at home. Through the loins of Saint Peter he raised up a son, The Rev. Eric Vincent Thomas to rebuild, rededicate the House of God.

March 2003January 2004

On the first Sunday of the year 2004, a vote was taken by the Saint Peter Family to elect a new Pastor for the church. After a vote was taken it was “unanimous” confidence by the membership that The Reverend Eric Vincent Thomas become Pastor of The Saint Peter Missionary Baptist Church. Pastor Thomas became the fifth Pastor of Saint Peter Missionary Baptist Church. Under the leadership of our new Pastor we know that once again we will become that beacon of light for many men, women and children to find their way to Christ Once again, Saint Peter will be the Holy Ghost headquarters.

Rebuilding God‘s People

The foundation of Saint Peter runs deep in the spirit of our Pastor, (years) past the late Reverend Solomon Randolph once said that Saint Peter would raise up a (son) to carry on a mission set forth for his church.

January 1, 2004

Pastor Thomas was called to be the 5th Pastor of the Saint Peter Missionary Baptist Church on Sunday, March 7, 2004. He accepted the call to lead this local Body of Christ. Under his dynamic leadership, he has made several noteworthy accomplishments. Many programs and ministries have been revived and established. 24 hours of corporate prayer was added to the intercessory prayer ministry. The “Go Ye Revival” was established and the S.W.A.T. Evangelism Team. The Children’s Church was revived, the Youth Ministry extended to Saturday Youth witnessing classes, Couples, Men and Women’s Ministries were revived, the Christian Education Ministry was re-organized and the Nehemiah Classes (lessons prepared by the Pastor) began, among many other outreach ministries.

Pastor Thomas has been published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution and other periodicals, and is an active member of the PNBC, Southern Region PNBC and The New Era State Convention. Also, several local community organizations.

He published his 1st book in 2008 “God’s Certain Word in an Uncertain World”.

Saint Peter Missionary Baptist Church history is rich. We continue to be led by the Spirit of God, in the Community He has placed us to serve as a Light.

“We Come this Far by Faith”

Catherine A. Edwards Historian


Saint Peter Missionary Baptist Church history is rich. We continue to be led by the Spirit of God, in the Community He has placed us to serve as a Light.


Pastor Eric Vincent Thomas, Preacher, Teacher is the Pastor of the Saint Peter Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia.


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